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SaveDBGridAs method

Creates a new Workbook. Exports DBGrid to Worksheet. Saves the Workbook to the specified file. Returns 1 if it succeeds.


function SaveDBGridAs( Filename: WideString): Integer;
FileName WideString. A string that indicates the name of the file to be saved. You can include a full path; if you don't, component saves the file in the current folder.


This example exports the DBGrid1 into Orders.xls Workbook and Orders.html file.

  GridToXLS1.Workbook := nil; //Clears Workbook
  GridToXLS1.WorksheetName := 'Orders sheet'; //Specifies name for new Worksheet
  GridToXLS1.DBGrid := DBGrid1; //Specifies the dbgrid for export
  GridToXLS1.SaveDBGridAs('Orders.xls'); //Saves the dbgrid into Orders.xls 
  GridToXLS1.SaveDBGridAs('Orders.html'); //Saves the dbgrid into Orders.html