Easy digital signing & protect your PDF documents, designate PDF author.

PDF digital signature & encrytion software tool

EzPDFsign is a PDF digital signing & encrytion software tool, it allows you to encrypt PDF document, sign them using a digital certificate and timestamp the signature.
EzPDFsign comply with PDF standards so your document will be readable/editable with all standard PDF programs, you can use EzPDFsign to improve your PDF document authenticity and integrity.

In support of Adobe's Certified Document Services (CDS) program for securing paperless initiatives, EzPDFsign software digital certificates your PDF documents to provide assurance for electronic documents.

EzPDFsign enable organizations and individuals to use digital signatures to sign Adobe PDF files with confidence. Recipients feel more confident by seeing the visual trust indicators that verify who published the document and whether it has been altered.

Key Features
    • digital signing PDF documents
    • support timestamped signature
    • support multi-signature
    • protect PDF documents with password
    • set PDF document permissions
    • set PDF document author & tites
    • set PDF document searching keywords
    • set other PDF document information

Current version: 1.0.1 FREEWARE Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/7 32bit & 64bit

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